the believers


...a story of firm believers

To you, if you're a believer

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the dreamers


...a story of dream fighters

To the pessangers and crew members of the Flight #MH370 and their families!

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/* a longing soul and technology nerd who has debugged himself and turned to be a writer. */

Raj Suthar

He is from a vibrant, salubrious, and peaceful paradise on the land of India, Jodhpur.

/* Yesterday, he was writing stories using syntaxes to manipulate softwares. Meanwhile, he found an error in the compilation process of his life so he closed 'IDE' and opened 'Pages'. */

Today, he is writing stories using words to inspire people and transform lives.

/* Tomorrow, he will go into the slumber of dreamland. */

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It is always fine to quit good things for the great ones!

Sometimes life is beautiful and sometimes harsh, eventually helping us learn many lessons. Some are predictable and others unpredictable. The acceptance of a predictable lesson is easy whereas an unpredictable lesson leads to momentous changes, both personal and professional.

It is the story of four dreamers from the land of India. Shruti, Aman, Nisha and Abhay.

Sometimes, dreams are hidden and sometimes, they are as clear as a passenger boat in a river. But it’s not easy for the boat to cross the river when the current is impeded by inescapable barriers.

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Your dreams should not remain only dreams.

- Raj Suthar

People, who say our time will come, are afraid of taking risk.

- Raj Suthar

People, who do not have the purpose of life, go for hours of worships and days of pilgrimages.

- Raj Suthar

I believe, temporary fear of today is leading me to live a better tomorrow.

- Raj Suthar

None can write, how and what you can. Cause, none can think what and how you think.

- Raj Suthar

I write to bring a smile on your face not to impress you.

- Raj Suthar

Sometimes you get meet good people at bad and wrong places.

- Raj Suthar

Negative feelings are just temparory like a storm cloud.

- Raj Suthar

I believe, it gonna be a beautiful day ahead!

- Raj Suthar

Family is a circle of love, care, and happinesses.

- Raj Suthar

Seed of success, wealth, and happy living is consistency.

- Raj Suthar

You are born to live a life of human being not sloth.

- Raj Suthar

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